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Apply for a student loan

Applying for student loans has never been easier. Students can apply online quickly and easily. For credit-based student loans, applicants will most likely need the following items:

  • Borrow up to your total cost of education.
  • Online application takes just minutes.

Personal Information

  • Name
  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Birth Date
  • Name of school you will be attending

Contact Information

  • Home address (no P.O. Boxes)
  • Length of time residing there
  • Home telephone number

Employment Information

  • Employer's Name
  • Occupation/position
  • Length of time employed
  • Employer's telephone number

Credit Information

  • Gross Income (either the borrower or cosigner must have a minimum income of $21,000 a year)
  • Sources of additional income
  • Amount of additional income
  • Monthly rent/mortgage payment (include home equity payments)
  • Loan default/bankruptcy status

Personal References

  • If applying with a co-signer, you each need your own separate references

All applicants are encouraged to apply with a creditworthy cosigner. When you apply for a Think Financial Student Loan with a creditworthy cosigner, you will increase your chances of approval and may qualify for lower interest rates and/or loan fees.

* Think Financial refers applications to Simple Tuition, a leading student loan comparison site, and is paid a fee for this referral.