Student Resource Bible

Welcome to the Student Resource Bible! This is an all encompassing guide for students that features the most helpful sites on the web. This "resource bible" features 14 different categories with exhaustive web sources for each topic. Simply click the category that interests you below, and you will be taken to the specific section of the bible. All of the resources are featured on one page for your convenience!

Reference Sources

If the standard thesaurus in Microsoft Office is failing as bad as the Vista launch, or the spell checker in that overpriced software bundle just isn't cutting it, check out these great resources.

Beyond the dictionary and thesaurus tools, MW also features a medical dictionary and Spanish-English translator. offers an online dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedia plus a text translator tool. Just paste in your text and select which languages to translate to and from. Choices include: Chinese, Dutch, German, Russian, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, French, and English. provides the basic dictionary and thesaurus functions. The real jewel here is the plethora of related links. From translator sites to news sites and an entire section dedicated to extinct or dying languages, has them all.

The Free Dictionary simplifies your searches by providing separate acronym, idiom, legal, medical, and financial dictionaries. The search function also allows you to search a word or phrase by what letters it ends with as opposed to what it begins with.

Dictionary and thesaurus searches are free but translations are only available to subscribers. Conveniently located on the same tool bar as MSN Encarta Encyclopedia.

This site is simple, easy to use, and inclusive. A quick search of a word results in nothing more than its pronunciation, definition, example sentence, and nearby entries. Very concise.

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No need to buy boatloads of books from your local encyclopedia salesman anymore, these fine resources will do the trick.

Britannica online offers quick searches or the ability to browse the entire collection all for free. Additionally, there are memberships that provide broader access. Check out the interesting features like Timelines and Nations.

Browse categories alphabetically, or simply type your term into the search bar. Conveniently located on the same site as MSN Dictionary

Wikipedia is not as established as Encarta and Britannica but is widely used. Not all material is verified making this a last resort. allows you to search the Columbia Encyclopedia as well as The Encyclopedia of World History, The World Factbook, Roget’s Thesaurus, American Heritage Dictionary, and various other references. Please click here for the complete list

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Literature Study Guide Sites

Who has the time to read entire books? When in a pinch, these sites can help you get the facts you need with a significantly lower amount of pages to read.

Perhaps the most recognized name in study guides. Cliffs Notes provides their study guides free online. Originally focused on literature you can search their extensive list via title or author. They also have free study guides for other subjects like biology, algebra, accounting, history, economics, Spanish, calculus, and much more.

SparkNotes mirrors Cliffs Notes with similar breadth of subjects that they provide free study guides for. However, SparkNotes does have a specific focus on Shakespeare.

Similar to the above-mentioned sites, PinkMonkey provides chapter summaries, study questions, essay topic ideas, message boards and analysis on characters, plots, and literary elements. Study guides are available in other subjects besides literature. Some portions are for paid-users only.

Although the search function isn’t as user friendly as their partner site PinkMonkey, TheBestNotes still provides similar helpful literature notes. Unlike the other sites listed here, TheBestNotes focuses exclusively on literature.

NovelGuide provides a summary, character profile, metaphor analysis, theme analysis, top ten quotes, author biography, and essay questions and answers for each book.

Grade Saver provides many useful resources including editing services, writing help, and ClassicNotes study guides. ClassicNotes guides are written by Harvard students and cover literature, plays, poetry, and film. Each study guide includes: author biography, character list, major themes, glossary, short and full summaries, chapter summaries, and suggested essay questions.

BookRags' Book Notes cover drama, non-fiction, novels, short stories, films, and poetry. BookRags' study guides provide author biographies, one page plot summaries, character descriptions, quotes, topic tracking, essays and chapter summaries.

BookWolf’s Wolfnotes are free and usually include an author biography, characters review, chapter summaries and interpretations plus essay questions and essays. Incessant advertisements are the only downside to using this site.

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Note Taking Sites

Gone are the days of hauling a stack of binders and notebooks around. Use any of the below sites to take notes online, edit them, save, and share. This way your notes are accessible anywhere there is an internet connection.

Skrbl provides a shared whiteboard online. Upload images, type text, and draw on a common space. See the notes others have made.

Scriblink is another shareable online whiteboard. Draw, enter text, upload files and images then share and edit. The interface is basic and easy to use.

Backpack allows you to create to-do lists, maintain a calendar with email and phone reminders, organize images and files, and write notes. Then you decide which, if any information you want to open up for others to view.

This online note platform allows you to share, print, and search your notes. They claim you'll never need a three ring binder again.

Notecentric is a Facebook application, so you must have a Facebook account to use it. This app helps you stay organized via breaking down your notes by class and connecting you to everyone else in that class on notecentric. You can then share and edit notes.

Create or upload documents, audio files, or images. Then you can edit these and share them. You can create your own class groups. In addition to taking notes and writing documents, mynoteIT also provides a calendar, friends list, address book, bookmark list, and a grade tracker.

Note Mesh has a slightly different take on online note sharing. Instead of sharing individual notes amongst small groups, class members add their lecture notes to a communal set of notes. So the benefit is an accumulation of everyone's notes. “It's like Wikipedia for your notes.

Create personal notes as reminders, brainstorm with others by sharing notes, maintain your contacts, and more. The nice thing about Stikkit, is that it works with your email and other applications making it all the more universal and easy to use.

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Collaboration Sites

Have a group project? Need an easy way to communicate, assign tasks, send files and set timelines? The following sites help you accomplish all this and much more. Staying organized on big projects is no easy tasks and each of these collaboration tools can help you achieve communication/organization zen.

A pricey option, Basecamp is one of the most powerful project planning tools out there. Six different pricing levels exist each with different features and storage options. Timetracking and live group chat is available in higher end packages. Cheapest packages cost just under $13/mo.

Active Collab is an all inclusive project management/collaboration tool, and you can purchase Active Collab and all of the source code for a one-time fee. The small biz package is $199 with no re-curring fees. One caveat - Active Collab is not a hosted solution, you will have to install on your server.

UniversityNotes is the ultimate site in sharing notes and other class relevant information. Share and view essays, tests, study guides, and notes for specific classes. Additionally, there are organizational tools and professor ratings. UniversityNotes is only available to select schools.

Writeboard allows you to create as many Writeboards as you have projects. Write or upload a memo, notes, or document, enter the emails of who you'd like to share it. Writeboard also saves your revisions so you can go back and check old drafts or compare two different drafts with changes and deletions clearly marked.

Create and save notes, write and maintain to-do lists, draft documents, and share your work with others on Helipad.

PBwiki requires a bit more set up than other sites listed here, so if you're looking for convenience skip this entry. If you're looking for endless possibility and customization then check this site out. PBwiki allows you to upload files, edit them, and share them. You can even create a shared calendar.

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Online Office Sites

If you don't have Microsoft Office or a comparable alternative, don't worry! There are many online office tools that perform similar to the standard office software our there. Next time you are having software trouble try these alternatives instead!

If you don't already have a gmail account, sign up for free so you can use Google Docs. Create or upload documents, presentations, and spreadsheets then share with your collaborators. Everyone can access the document at any given time. Best of all, its totally free!

Zoho offers a variety of free online tools (chat, wiki, spreadsheets, planner). Two very helpful online tools are Writer and Notebook. In Writer you upload documents or create and share with with other users to collaborate on a project. Notebook works the same way with the addition of creating and/or uploading different types of files; image, video, audio, etc.

Another free online office product, Think Free offers spreadsheets and documents with 1GB in storage. Think Free also offers free online document collaboration so groups can edit papers or slides seamlessly.

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Instant Messenger Sites

The most popular IM servers, think Yahoo!, Google talk, AIM, MSN, can all be accessed through any of the below sites. This is serious convenience.

Meebo connects you to the most popular IM servers and you can also create your own meebo account. Very user-friendly.

KoolIM also connects you to virtually all IM servers. No plug-ins necessary.

Ebuddy provides both web and mobile messaging.

Goowy is one of the few sites out there to rival Google (gmail, gtalk). Goowy provides email, instant messenger, a calendar, file storage with sharing capabilities, etc. covers the big four, with the ability to sign into all of them simultaneously.

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File Storage Sites

Besides offering additional storage (external hard drives are expensive), online storage also allows you to access your files anytime from anywhere instead of just your laptop or home computer. Plus nearly all storage sites allow you to share files too. provides users with a very slick AJAX interface, that makes file storage (and sharing) a breeze. Forget floppy disks and jump drives as allows for up to 1 GB of storage. Files can also be password protected and emailed to friends, or shared with other users.

YouSendIt is a lifesaver for those looking to send monster files without killing email servers. Files are uploaded and the recpient gets a link to download, bypassing the large email attachment problem alltogether. You don't even need an account for YouSendIt, as anyone can send files up to 100MB for free.

Xdrive provides 5GB of storage for free. Store documents, photos, music, video or just backup files.

MediaMax offers 25GB of free storage online; one of the most generous. Even more storage is available with paid subscriptions.

eSnips is geared more toward file sharing but that doesn't detract from the 5GB of free storage. Privacy options allow you to choose which if any files are available to others.

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Tutorial Sites

All sites listed in this section, like the rest of this guide, are free! Of course you can purchase tutorials or supplements but why would you when there are free options.

LearnThat offers free tutorials ranging from gardening to Microsoft Certifications, finding cheap airfare to creating a business plan and everything in between. Tons of topics, all free. Some of our favorites include Adobe Photoshop, Quickbooks, and free advertising on the internet.

Tutorialized provides a more specific break down of categories for easier searching. All tutorials are software or web relevant.

W3 offers exclusively web developing tutorials.

Tech Tutorials provides just that. This site has broader topics than W3 covering software as well as basic computer technology.

Reading not your thing? Well Lynda makes learning easy with an online training libary that features video. Only downside is the $25 monthly pricepoint, but well worth it if learning computer programs or design.

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Social Networking

The number of social networking sites has exploded in recent years. Here we've compiled some of the more popular sites.

Facebook was originally created to connect college students. It is now available to everyone. Facebook is constantly coming out with new applications for interacting with others on the site. Some helpful functions include finding alumni and networking within your school or hometown.

MySpace is similar to Facebook in that you get your own page. Upload as much or as little information about yourself as you'd like. Beware of creeps though, as MySpace is a breeding ground to degenerates.

Xanga functions similarly to the aforementioned sites; you create and personalize your site, make friends, and create or join blogrings.

Friendster offers all the regular features of social networking sites; personal profile, friending capability, video and photo uploads, applications, ratings, and forums.

Tagged is another alternative to some of the more gigantic sites on this list. In addition to all the usual features, Tagged also has games and quizzes for your entertainment.

Like most sites on this list, Imeem requires users to register and create an account, anyone can view photos, blogs, videos, or music. Only members may interact or post.

Classmates aims to reconnect old classmates. The site contains information from elementary schools through college. They also have two additional networks for military and workplace.

Similar in concept to except is not restricted to schools. This is more of a search and reconnect site.

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Resume Sites

Every campus career center has advice on writing resumes and probably some templates. But the sites below offer more than that; they actually build a resume for you.

This site does the work for you. Simply enter your information and the site will organize it into a professional resume. They do the same for cover letters. In addition, there are tips, common resume mistakes, and interview advice.

Attributes of this site include free resume builder, tips, and various articles related to resumes and interviewing.

WebResume is exactly what it sounds like. Use their web resume builder to create your own web resume. It's stored for free on their site accessible through your own personal URL. Web resumes allow more creativity and flexibility than paper resumes; change it whenever you want.

Emurse allows you to create and store two resumes as well as host one resume on the web. Besides the web resume builder, they also post your resume to relevant employers allowing you to see who viewed your resume online.

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Job Seeking Sites

Some of these sites can be intimidating because they offer so many services. These tools and services can be helpful if utilized properly. Many sites have a specific page for college students; start there.

Truly the monster of job sites, has millions of resumes posted and tons of additional resources to help with your job search.

Careerbuilder may not be the biggest or best job site out there, but they do format search results well. Results are laid out nicely with title, company, location, and date posted. Use any of those qualifiers to narrow your search.

Search for jobs by keyword, job category, or location; post your resume for employers to see (Hot Jobs has a blocking feature so you control who can and cannot see your information). is dedicated to tech jobs. Search by keyword or location or post your resume to the site.

The official job site of the US Government, if you are looking for a government job, look no further.

The sister site of US Jobs, this site is targeted towards internships and part-time jobs for students.

If looking only for part time work while in school, this is the place for you. SnagAJob specializes in hourly employment.

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Game Sites

Free game sites typically have games available for download and free online games. So take a break from studying and have some fun.

Kongregate offers a huge variety of games. Choose from action games, puzzle games, shooting games, adventure games, sports/racing games, strategy games, or multiplayer games. The games are rated so don't be overwhelmed by the sheer number of games offered, check the ratings and only play the fun ones.

Categories on Miniclip include: 3D, action, brain training, Christmas, dancing and shows, everyone rated, hot, latest, motorsports, multiplayer, Wii, platform, political, puzzle, racing, retro, shoot 'em up, soccer, sports, US election 2008 and the top 100.

Addicting Games has horrible grammar (should be Addictive Games!) but a great line up of games in every genere out there .

Run by Wrigley's, this site actually kicks out some decent flash games including a Line Rider-esue golfing game.

One More Level has a great selection of categories to pick from, and if you don't have a game in mind, they choose a game of the day for you!

Looking for half game/half entertainment, over 18? Liquid Generation is your source for enter-gamement on the web.

Unlike Liquid Generation, Shockwave is for all ages. For original games with online collaboration, check out Shockwave's family safe gaming.

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Textbook Buying Sites

Most incoming freshmen don’t realize there are options for purchasing books other than the campus bookstore. Campus bookstore prices are expensive because of their overhead and markup. Even their used books are pricey. A more affordable option is purchasing books online, of course used books are a better value. Often times you can get away with using an older edition to save even more money. Always allow a week or two for your books to be shipped.

eCampus lets you quickly browse and sell books, and routinely has Free Shipping deals. They also have the eVIP option. $25 gets you an eVIP membership for a year an an additional 5% discount on textbook and other purchases. Also carries a large variety of college supply and apparel.

Perhaps the ultimate textbook search site, Bookfinder searches all the assumed sites plus internationally with an option to search books written in specified languages. Don't be nervous. They list the total price including shipping so no need to worry about where the book is coming from.

Another textbook search engine site, Abe Books provides similar services as other sites on this list like searching 10 ISBN's at a time, sell back options, and multi-site searches.

Big Words quickly shops other online textbook sites for you. The results are ranked by cost which includes special deals and coupons.

A facet of ebay, you can use your existing eBay account. A reliable site as long as you double check your seller’s ratings.

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Blogging Tools

Looking to start blogging, well look no further as we have created a comprehensive list of hosted blogging tools to get you up and blogging fast! Note: Hosted blogs are good for the first-time blogger, but those with websites or prior web experience should consider looking at self hosted solutions.

This was one of the earliest publishing tools, and was purchased by Google in 2003. Blogger is now free software and allows anyone to blog on the domain name Good for bloggers starting off or not having a URL already.

WordPress is both a hosted and non-hosted solution that has become one of the most popular blogging tools. WordPress features free themes for your blog, and hundreds of upgrades, widgets and plugins. WordPress also allows for paid upgrades where you can map your blog to a new domain, or create custom CSS.

Typepad operates like Blogger in that it is a hosted solution with an easy to use interface. However Typepad requires monthly subscriptions from $4.95/month to $89.95/month. Good for beginner bloggers who have some cash to spare and are very concerned about the design of their blog.

Started in 1999, LiveJournal was a virtual community where users could keep journals or diaries and was one of the first mainstream blogs. LiveJournal allows for many types of themes, and is great for the user who wants much more of a personal theme to their blog. Best of all, LiveJournal is free.

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